Trima’s universal rewinder is designed to work at high production speeds and handle large roll diameters up to 2.4m.  The rewinder can process a wide range of materials including fiberglass matting, fiberglass mesh, non-woven webs and advanced woven materials.  The rewinders functionality includes rewinding, inspection, cross-cutting, slitting (score, shear & razor options), splicing and thermal and/or pressure bonding.

The Universal Rewinder is often utilized as an additional processing step aiding to enhance other process technologies.  For example, in the world of glass mat production the rewinder is frequently utilized as an inspection and roll editing machine in order to improve the quality of the continuously wound material from the making lines. In this circumstance rolls of material with defects can be easily repaired and rewound within specification.

Thanks to the modular design, the rewinder can be configured specifically to the individual requirements of our clients’ materials. The fundamental equipment sections that comprise the machine include an unwind, splicing and/or inspection table, a pull roll section, a slitting section, and winder. The design can be easily expanded to a fully automated layout where sections for roll handling, shaft handling, and packaging of the final product are accomplished.

Basic equipment and features:

The equipment can be equipped with some of the following features: Certified material length measuring system, anti-static devices , automatic communication with online production technology to transmit defect data and throughput, automatic PLC settings according to the specific product recipe, material quality control with defect data storage, automatic slitting knives and edge trimming, edge straightening for mat roll applications, web cleaning and dust extraction, edge trim extraction, manual roll wrapping function at the winder, fully automatic handling of paper cores, automatic finished roll handling  and packaging stations.

We look forward to learing more about your unique requirments and tailoring the optimal solution for your unique application.

Technical parameters:

Technical data Big Rewinder

Big Rewinder

Rewind speed

1 m/min to 200 m/min (up to 500 m/min possible)

Rewind tension

min. / max. 100-500 N/m     

Winding tension min. / max.

200-1400 N/m (4000 N/m double compensator)

Maximum roll diameter

2,400 mm

Winding weight

500-2500 Kg – depending on machine width

Width of material to be rewound

800-4500 mm – depending on machine width

Edge guidance accuracy

±3 mm

Longitudinal cutting

manual adjustment of cutting units (standard method is shear cutting)

Thermal and pressure bonding of material

standard blanking temperature 200 °C, standard blanking width 80 mm, standard pressure 0.3 MPa

Power supply

3 PE N 400 V, 50/60 Hz

Compressed air supply

6 bars

Further parameters on request.