The universal rewinder is designed to work at high production speeds and to handle large bale diameters up to 2.4m.  The rewinder can rewind a wide range of materials, from fiberglass matting and fiberglass mesh and non-woven to high-tech materials.  The rewinder is used for controlled rewinding, material inspection, cross-cutting, slitting, thermal and pressure bonding of fiberglass mats or other materials. The rewinder and its main parts are often placed as a separate machine next to other production technologies, for example, glass mats. Most often, the rewinder is used as an inspection machine for the continuous winding of glass mats, where rolls of material with defects can be very easily repaired and thus further rolls of good quality material can be obtained. Thanks to the modular design, the rewinder can be designed according to the individual requirements of our customers – from the basic equipment, which includes an unwinding section, a special gluing and inspection table, a pulling section, a cutting section, a winding section, to a fully automatic layout where sections for handling the winding, the shaft, up to the packaging line of the final product can be included. The mat material is wound on paper tubes of different diameters as standard. The most common diameters are 6″, 8″10″ and 12″.

Basic equipment and features:

The equipment can be equipped with features such as: Certified material length measurement, manual roll wrapping function on the winding section, anti-static strips to eliminate charge in the material, automatic communication with online production technology to transmit data on defects in the product, automatic regulation according to the product recipe, material quality control with defect data storage, automatic slitting and edge trimming, edge straightening for mat roll, cleaning and dust extraction of material, edge trimming extraction, fully automatic handling of paper tube and final roll of material, packaging station.

Because the automatic rewinder is a very sophisticated machine, it is always tailored to your specific needs. We will be happy to discuss all production parameters and requirements with you.

Technical parameters:

Technical data Big Rewinder

Big Rewinder

Rewind speed

1 m/min to 200 m/min (up to 500 m/min possible)

Rewind tension

min. / max. 100-500 N/m     

Winding tension min. / max.

200-1400 N/m (4000 N/m double compensator)

Maximum roll diameter

2,400 mm

Winding weight

500-2500 Kg – depending on machine width

Width of material to be rewound

800-4500 mm – depending on machine width

Edge guidance accuracy

±3 mm

Longitudinal cutting

manual adjustment of cutting units (standard method is shear cutting)

Thermal and pressure bonding of material

standard blanking temperature 200 °C, standard blanking width 80 mm, standard pressure 0.3 MPa

Power supply

3 PE N 400 V, 50/60 Hz

Compressed air supply

6 bars

Further parameters on request.