The forming rewinder is designed to rewind a wide range of materials, from glass mesh and non-woven textiles to high-tech composite materials and nanomaterials. It has been developed for easy incorporation into a plethora of technologies according to the requirements of the manufacturing industry, such as printing, lamination or the application of additional layers. The control system and software of the rewinder is based on the latest Siemens technologies and is ready to be integrated into higher-level control systems. The safety concept respects all relevant standards and creates maximum safe working conditions for operation and maintenance.

Due to the modular concept of our rewinders, the RW-02 can handle not only pure rewinding (in a huge range of tension and speed parameters), but also longitudinal slitting of the material to be rewound. In order to improve the rewinding result, the machine can be equipped with an automatic edge guiding. The use of several variations of the spreading rollers ensures the elimination of wrinkles in the material and the use of an automatically controlled ironing roller results in a perfectly compact final winding. To facilitate the work with the RW – 02, the machine is equipped with an extendable cutting and gluing table at the input. The full reverse run is an advantage and a saving in the material logistics of the windings. This advantage is particularly noticeable when winding multiple auxiliary materials in sandwich structures.

Technical dataRW 2.0
Rewinding speed0.01 to 80 m/min
Unwinding tension min. / max.20 – 400 N/m
Winding tension min. / max.20 – 1 150 N/m (2500 N/m with double compensator)
Maximum roll diameter1 200 mm
Roll weight400 – 1400 Kg – depending on machine width
Width of material to be rewound400 – 2500 mm – depending on machine width
Edge guidance accuracy±3 mm
Power supply3 PE N 400V, 50/60Hz
Compressed air supply6 bar
Other parameters upon request