Both the winder and the Jumbo winder are used for continuous controlled winding, inspection, cross and longitudinal cutting of fibreglass mats or other materials.

The winder and its parts are placed behind the glass mat manufacturing technology. The winding machine can be designed according to the individual requirements of our customers – from basic equipment to a fully automatic layout, which can include sections for roll and shaft handling as well as packaging, shaft, up to the wrapping line of the final product.

The material mat is wound on paper tubes of different diameters. The most common diameters are 6″, 8″10″ and 12″.

For continuous winding, it is equipped with two spindles that automatically change when the winding is complete and the mat is smoothly transferred from one spindle to the other.


The nonwoven winder is designed to work at high production speeds and to obtain large package diameters.

The machine can be equipped with features such as: automatic regulation according to the product recipe, material quality control with data storage of defects, fully automatic feed on start-up, longitudinal cutting and edge trimming, fast and smooth width changes, edge guiding for mat roll, in-line cross-cutting and sampling capability, cleaning and dust extraction from the material, fully automatic handling of the paper tube and the final roll of material, wrapping station.

Because the automatic nonwoven winder is a very large and complex machine, it is always tailored to your specific needs. We will be happy to discuss all production parameters and requirements with you.