This machine is designed for winding mainly woven multiaxial mats made of such materials as glass, aramid, carbon fibres etc. Thanks to the wide possibilities of setting the winding parameters, it is possible to effect winding in the desired quality from a wide range of materials. By a suitable combination of central and surface winding and contact pressure, large diameter windings can be produced while maintaining their good structure. The combination of a sensitive dancer and a sufficiently strong compensator allows large winding forces to be used even for more sensitive materials and to produce very compact windings. At the same time, the sufficient sizing of the drives also makes it possible to work with robust materials by using considerable winding forces. If required, the winding machine can also be used for simple circumferential winding without the need to handle a separate winding shaft.

Basic equipment and features:

Winding modes – central, circumferential and combined
Setting of individual winding curves for central and circumferential tensions and contact pressure
High range of winding forces
Feedback loops for a precise control of winding forces
Dancer for maintaining constant mat input tension – with a wide range of tension suitable for both sensitive and robust materials
Face in / face out winding capability
Roll ejection with cross-cutting solution for both winding modes face in/ face out
Multi-tooth clamping head with pneumatic opening and closing for easy and safe handling of the winding shaft
Different machine widths (52″, 108″, 165″)
Siemens-based control and motion system solution

Safety – optical barrier and tip button
Remote access
Possibility of an individual design solution

Technical parameters:

Winding speed up to

10 m/min

Central winding tension up to

7 150 N/m

Central winding torque up to

3 200 Nm

Minimum input material tension from

11 N/m

Maximum input material tension up to

1 500 N/m

Winding diameter up to

1500 mm

Output roll weight up to

6000 kg

Width of material to be wound

1 300 – 4 200 mm

Thickness of material to be wound up to

15 mm

Winding mandrel diameter

3“, 6“