TCW-600 is an innovative machine for continuous winding of webs up to the 500 mm width coming out for instance from extruders.  

Continuous winding is assured by the turret with two changing mandrels. Each arm of the turret is bearing the winding mandrel. As soon as one side is filled, the turret turns around the central axis smoothly and finished roll of web is exchanged by the empty mandrel. The automatic precise cross cut of web is executed during the same time. 

Drives and electronic control are in standard execution built from components of the SIEMENS company (PLC CPU 1510SP F-1 PN,  Simatic S120)  assuring outstanding parameters and accuracy.

Basic machine equipment:

  • Dancer
  • Edge alignment
  • Brake cylinder
  • Tension monitoring roller
  • Spreading roller
  • Cross cutter
  • Compaction roller Reversible center winder (2 winding positions = turret)
  • Antistatic strip
  • Control system
  • Safety elements

Machine controls:

  • The machine is controlled by hardware buttons and Siemens touch panel
winder , navíječka,suchý zip,Velcro
winder , navíječka,suchý zip,Velcro

Technical parameters:

Maximum/Minimum design speeds winding speeds

TBD by application

Maximum winding diameter

1.600 mm

Minimum/Maximum level incoming material

800-1.600 mm (from the floor)

Material width

500 mm

Maximal mother roll weight

300 kg

Edge guiding of unwinder

±40 mm from the center line

Edge guiding precision

±3 mm

Maximum winding tension on core

196N for full width (0,5m)

Minimum winding tension

49 N

Maximum winding tension

196 N

Winding shaft diameter

3”, 8”

Compressed air

6 bar

Operating duty