The CSM winder is a reversing winder for continuous winding of a mat made of chopped glass fibres and is located at the end of the CSM (chopped strand mat) line. The winder can be designed according to your requirements – from a basic winder layout to a fully automatic winder layout including a roll handling section and winding shaft puller.
The CSM winder is designed to work with a wide range of mats from the thinnest to the thickest, with both powder and emulsion binders. The machine can be equipped with any functions such as: ironing for more compact windings, edge trimming with automatic introduction into the suction, automatic capture of the start on the tube without adhesive, fully automatic mat feed at the start-up with low-quality mat, double longitudinal slitter for changes on the fly, cross-cutting with sampling possibility, roll and winding shaft handling.
As the CSM automatic winder is always tailored to your specific needs, we are happy to discuss all production parameters and requirements with you.

Main machine parts including handling

1 – Feed rollers and longitudinal slitter

7 – Manipulator

2 – Passage

8 – Operator panel

3 – Guide plate

9 – Fencing

4 – Reversing winder

10 – Electrical and pneumatic switchboards

5 – Tube tray

11 – Gallery

6 – Tube stop

12 – Mandrel extractor

Main parts of the winder – description of the mat guide:

1 – Longitudinal slitter

7 – Passive roller

2 – Lower feed roller

8 – Ironing roller

3 – Upper feed roller

9 – Winding shaft

4 – Upper cross-cutting roller

10 – Passive roller

5 – Lower rubberised cross-cutting roller

11 – Winding shaft

6 – Tensometric roller

12 – Passive roller

Technical parameters:

Winding speed up to

50 m/min

Winding tensions up to

1000 N/m

Winding diameter up to

560 mm

Winding weight up to

600 kg

Width of material to be wound up to

3 570 mm

Weight of material of material to be wound

100–900 g/m2

Winding mandrel diameter

3“, 4“