DST 375 cake winding machine Winder

The DST 375 winding machine is used for continuous winding of glass or basalt fibres. The fibres are wound in a saddle or trapezoidal shape on a plastic or paper tube. For continuous winding, it is equipped with two spindles that automatically change when the winding is completed, while the fibres are transferred from one drum to the other. A rotating wing, which moves over the winding drum, is used to distribute the fibre to the bobbin. The DST 375 is designed to operate in non-stop operation in heavy soiling conditions. One or two windings can be wound simultaneously on one machine and on one winding drum.

Basic equipment:

The control touch panel, which is located on the switchboard door, is used to enter and control machine and production data.
All movements are programmable (axial movement and rotation of the wing, rotation of the drums, positioning of the turret, sequence of movements of the mechanisms).
Siemens Simatic and Sinamics control system with excellent worldwide support
Accurate and simple overview of winding
Drum spindles are driven by built-in motors
In order to maintain the winding geometry, the increase in winding diameter is compensated by the controlled rotation of the turret
Stable, precisely controlled winding speed

Technical data


DST 375


Windings for one drum



Number of drums



Drum dimensions [mm]

Ø 360 x 440


Winding width [mm]

2 x 510


Max. drum speed [rpm]



Wing speed [rpm]





Wing amplitude width (up to) [mm]




Descending device
Foot for maintaining the winding geometry
Automatic fibre guidance
Lubrication roller




Directly on the back of the machine (back-pack)
Separately – connected to the machine via connectors