The winder is designed especially for winding high density fabric packages, woven from glass fibre. A high density and highly compact package build-up is ensured by the combination of three winding principles: Central winding by the driven winding mandrel in the package axis plus surface winding by the driving rolls on the package surface plus additional compression by a pressing roll.
The winder should be installed directly downstream from the weaving loom.

Basic equipment:

  • Easy reachable operation terminal at the machine. Here you can check the actual production data and set the winding parameters.
  • Special coated driving rolls to increase the friction to the winding package.
  • Automatic winding stop upon reaching a defined diameter or yardage.
  • Pneumatic controlled package compression, programmable over the package build-up.
  • Pneumatic package doffer.
  • Adjustable cross traverse movement
    (+/– 20 mm).